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Evolving SZARP architecture!

Submitted by reksio on Wed, 2015/07/01 - 15:00

SZARP, since the very beginning (if we exclude short period of SZARP infancy, when it was running on multiple computers under DOS operating system) possesses architecture which is very UNIXy in its spirit. SZARP basically is a collection of processes/applications, where each of the processes is tasked with performing (mostly) one job - and (obviously) performing it well :).


Character encoding cleanup in SZARP

Submitted by tph on Mon, 2015/02/16 - 18:44

In the past half-year we did some profound cleanup in character encoding in SZARP. Many users may consider this as negligible, but in fact it could be a bit of hassle - especially for Polish users. What's the point? SZARP software has been developed continuously for over 15 years, so for sure one will find in it parts of code written a dozen or so years ago. In that time character encoding were not as straight forward as it is today. A series of standards, gathered in ISO/IEC 8859, were commonly used. Year 2006 brought a change - a character encoding UTF-8 (which implements Unicode standard) started gaining popularity and in a few years it has become the dominant for the World Wide Web. Again, what's the point? SZARP is using UTF-8 for some time...


SZARP for mobile devices

Submitted by abarcz on Tue, 2014/09/23 - 18:32

From now on SZARP supports mobile devices. The mobile version of SZARP Draw offers all the basic functionality: viewing graphs, split cursor mode, mean and summaric values, finding parameters and sets by name. We chose HTML5+JS as the core technology to ensure that the application would run on all mobile devices, on every OS (in particular, Android and Windows Phone are supported). The user interface has been redesigned to provide comfortable navigation even on small smartphone screens, using touch events.


The taste of things to come...

Submitted by reksio on Tue, 2013/11/05 - 01:14

We've been severly neglecting readers of over last serveral months and we're very sorry about that. To compensate for this, we decided to give you, our beloved readers, a little visual seak peek at what we've been up to recently.
So, lo and behold - draw3 and sz4 engine in action!


SZARP moves to github

Submitted by reksio on Mon, 2013/07/08 - 01:00

Following latest trends, SZARP project is moving its source code repository to github.
The new project's URL is In order to fetch SZARP's source code use command:

git clone

We'll keep our sourceforge repository for some time, however we do not plan to commit any new stuff in there.


SZARP on Ubuntu Precise

Submitted by reksio on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 01:00

Upon popular demand (with a little delay though) we officaly start to support SZARP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin).
As usual, in order to install SZARP on Ubuntu precise point your favourite package manager to:
deb precise main



Alive and kickin'

Submitted by reksio on Sat, 2012/09/15 - 13:51

We've been little sluggish on updating you with news from SZARP world for a last few months. It's not because nothing of interest was happening with our system. Quite the contrary - we've been doing some serious groundwork on core SZARP components. It's just that updating occupies low position on our priority list, there are always things to do that are more important or fun ;).
But now that moment has finally come - on a gentle nudge from the guy who is paying our salaries, we had no choice but to give you some update on what is going on with SZARP ;)


Spring cleaning and constant march forward

Submitted by reksio on Wed, 2012/04/04 - 13:58

Hello SZARP users.
Spring has come, we'll be eating Ester eggs in couple of days, so we though that it would be a good time to give you some update on what has been happening with SZARP over last couple of weeks:

  • new version of SZARP for windows was made available - this version comes with much improved (over a factor of 2.5) data synchronization speed - it is much quicker now and on par with its linux counterpart

SZARP on Oneiric!

Submitted by reksio on Tue, 2012/02/28 - 15:48

SZARP packages for Ubuntu Oneiric were just uploaded to our packages repository. SZARP Oneiric packages can be accessed at : oneiric main. From now on expect regular updates of SZARP packages for Ubuntu Oneiric distro.


Network params and sets in draw3!

Submitted by reksio on Thu, 2012/02/16 - 16:50

We are pleased to announce that latest version of SZARP for Ubuntu Natty and Debian unstable (this code is going to be make it into stable in a matter of a couple of days) contains support for network sets and parameters. This is a major feature that we have been working on for quite a while already.



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