3.13. Changing the language Draw3

When you first start Draw3 or when the language has never been selected, the default language is the language "automatic" - used in the system. Draw3 The program allows you to change the language in which they are displayed as messages and menus program and parameter names. Parameter names are translated dynamically based on a special dictionary (if the parameter name does not appear in the dictionary, it displays the parameter name untranslated).

In order to change the language of menu Tools, Settings and Languages. A window will appear where you can change the language used in the the program. If you select a specific language such as Polish, Draw3 program will translate all the menus and messages into Polish, even if the system default is set to a different language. Selects the language " automatic " will that language will always respond to that which is selected in the system.

Rysunek 3-17. Changing the language in the Draw3

After each change the language, you must restart the program.