3.16. Define your own parameters

Draw 3 program allows the user to define their own parameters using the formulas LUA language. Created by myself parameters you can add to your set of charts (see: Sekcja 3.14).

To define your own parameter choose Tool and then User parameters (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U ). You will be following a new window:

Rysunek 3-23. The beginning of the creation of a formula parameter

Buttons New, Edit and Delete used to create new, edit or delete an existing parameter. When creating or editing parameter must specify:

values of other parameters. For more on this topic, see Sekcja 3.23 and in documentation SZARP technical system.

When creating useful formulas are placed under the formula window buttons:

The following screenshot shows is the addition of a new enumerator parameter " arithmetic average return temperature of the network as " and " water temperature at the output to the network ".

Rysunek 3-24. Create your own parameters - the result of the creation of the formula