Using the viewer can place and view comments - text messages assigned to a specific configuration, and when over time. Comments are global in nature, created by you comments will be available for all users of the viewer, who also have support for comments and the appropriate privileges allowing them to watch the comments for your system. The program browsing distinguishes between two types of comments: relating to the system and the related set of graphs in a single system.

3.18.1. Setting up comments

Notatka: If you do not installed SZARP system itself, but using it to heat or other place where the program was configured by the service, presumably you have configured support for comments - you can skip this section.

Before you can use the comments you are reading program set up to send and receive them. To set up a comments you need to know: server address comments and your username and password on the server. In order to obtain them, contact your IT department. Then, in the Tools menu in the main window, in the sub- Settings click on Comments . The following window will appear transcript in which you must enter the above information:

Rysunek 3-26. Setting up comments

After entering the settings, select Menu Comments -> Download Comments (located in the Tools menu ), if properly entered all the data, the program should download the new comments and display a message: "Download new comments" or "No new comments" if you do not have any comments yet. Each of these two messages mean that the service comments is configured correctly. In the event of any error message, make sure that certainly correctly entered received data.

Notatka: If communication is still not working, and you are sure that you correctly entered the server address, username, password and your computer has access to the internet, check your firewall settings. Comments server uses port number 7998, firewall must be configured to allow outbound connections on this port. If that fails - contact your IT department.

In the comments configuration option is also available "Download automatically comments" after the selected program automatically will connect to the server and retrieve new comments without having to select the "Download Comments".