4.3. The beginnings.

By adding a new parameter write a furnaces of code in LUA. This piece of code (often called a formula) calculates the value of the parameter, and this calculated by the formula value is exactly what the program browsing applied to the chart.

Let's move quickly to the example, you must first run the program browsing and add a new parameter definable(details of how to use draw3 program to add a new parameter, see the documentation draw3) with the following formula:

v = 1

Notatka: In all embodiments it to the "average again" Sekcja 4.8 we assume that the parameter has the options 'Average counted as' set to 'the result of application of the formula for the average'.

When you see our chart we see horizontal line parameter - in each of its point parameter takes the value 1 the result of which was to be expected, and how did it happen? If we are still at the beginning of 2012 is a program browsing made formula 12 times wanting to know what is the value parameter for the January 2012, February 2012, etc. The program browsing after the formula, which is subsequently checked in variable v. This is what formula assigns the variable is considered to be the value of the parameter. And because our formula does nothing but sets the variable v 1, no worries with anything, then our parameter is the graph form horizontal mark.