Rozdział 4. Appendix: Parameters definable, guide.

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4.1. What is this document?
4.2. Introduction.
4.3. The beginnings.
4.4. Time, that is, the variable 't'.
4.5. Average, variable 'pt'.
4.6. Finally something interesting.
4.7. Travel in time.
4.8. Average again.
4.9. Note the values of 10 seconds.

4.1. What is this document?

SZARP system documentation describes the parameters definable Lua, which are rather Reference. The information collected there are for someone who already knows what it definable parameters. The aim of this addition is the introduction of user-definable parameters, so that the parameters of the LUA could begin to use freely those who have no knowledge of how these parameters. Confine ourselves to definable parameters of the program browsing because only the user client applications SZARP system can directly create and edit.