4.9. Note the values of 10 seconds.

Our short guide carefully clears so far the average of 10 seconds. For this reason, these averages are treated a little differently, primarily because of the lint appeared in much later than same parameters definable and are not synchronized to the local computer.

That difference is reduced to the behavior of the parameters which the average is calculated as "the standard application of the formula for each sample." We wrote in the previous chapter that for such parameters independently on the kind of the average watch, and so the formula will always calculated for pt = PT_MIN10. It did not make sense in the case of medium 10-second course, which is why this rule does not apply. For medium 10 seconds, regardless of what type of parameter is always formula for calculating them will be called from pt = PT_SEC10. (denoting the value of the average 10-second PT_SEC10 and this is also value reading program used in the calculation of parameters).