Moving to GitLab

SZARP moves its source code to GitLab! Our repository is now available at this site. Transition to new Git-repository manager happened because of many advantages relative to GitHub. Because of built-in Continuous Integration system we can deliver updates of our software quicker. Multiplicity of available tools let us focus on code writing and ensure about better quality of our product.
GitLab has got many practical functionalities, for example integrated issue tracking system which allowes us for modifying multiple tasks simultaneously. As it is widely known quality of code depends strongly on rigorous code reviews and from now we don’t need to engage external tools because GitLab offers to us built-in solution. Besides that it has got code production monitoring mechanism and ability to manage project by using SSH. Big advantage of GitLab is also detailed documentation concerning repository operations. Next functionality from which we benefit from is ability to run this manager on our server with no worries about security and availability issues of third party companies 😉 Also growing number of programmers that GitLab unites encouraged us to change Git-repository managing platform.

We also unified our licensing to GPLv3. The most important changes in it were in relation to software patents, free software license compatibility, the definition of “source code”, and hardware restrictions on software modification (“tivoization”). More info at GNU project website.

Next novelty concerns about SZARP under Windows! We replaced maintenance of separate code for Microsoft’s operating system users by new functionality that appeared on Windows 10 Professional. Users of that system can use latest version of our software by using Ubuntu Shell (here is how to do it). Thanks to that functionality Windows users can now use Linux version of SZARP, and we, programmers, can focus on developing one code which significantly simplifies its maintanance.