2.5. Choice of plots

Parameters in the charts are divided into sets, including related parameters subject and displayed in relation to the time on the screen. Name of the currently displayed set is shown in the upper left corner of the window, next to the abbreviated names of graphs. In addition, in the lower right corner of the window is a box set - displays the name of the current display system and allows it to change - when you click the mouse developed a list all available kits.

You also have the option to select a set of graphs by a mechanism searcher, which is available when you press Alt +Z . Thus open the window shown below:

Rysunek 2-3. Find a set of graphs

If you know at least part of the name of a set of graphs that interests you, you can enter it in the the box above the list of parameters. Thanks to this list will automatically shorten the showing only sets with the name you entered in the string. zip on the right side you can scroll through the list of graphs. Reset delete typed string.

After selecting a set of click OK.