Download Windows version (client only)

Xorg client (Windows 7, recommended for MATE):
Latest SZARP for Windows:
Download binary Debian packages

There is APT repository with SZARP packages available for Debian current stable and unstable distributions. “Unstable” version is updated more frequently. Add following repository to your sources.list file:
deb unstable main non-free
or, for stable version:
deb stable main non-free
(Currently stable still points to jessie version, if you use wheezy, change release name to wheezy.)

Then use apt-get update and apt-cache search szarp to list available packages.

APT repository key can be imported using following command:
wget -O - | apt-key add -

Download binary Ubuntu packages

Entry for APT repository for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS packages is:
deb xenial main non-free

Get the source code

You can download current SZARP source and compile it yourself. Source is available at our Github repository, use something like:
git clone