SZARP 3.1.97 released

During last month there were over 40 commits to SZARP code. Most important changes from version 3.1.53 to 3.1.97 include:

  • Fixed presentation of 32-bits (“combined”) values in paramd/reporter program.
  • Driver for Modbus TCP can ask for more then 128 registers.
  • Disabled potentially harmfull SZARP Command Center option to change data directory under Linux.
  • No-data string in Reporter is localized now.
  • Fixes in Modbus RTU driver serial port handling, configuration parsing, time synchronization.
  • User can select databases that are not shown in SZARP Command Center, Extractor and Draw programs.
  • Improvements in Draw3 remarks handling – remarks server address can be resolved using DNS, default user and password is taken from SZARP Synchronizer, basic support for agregated configurations.
  • Added documentation of Draw3 ‘remarks’ feature.
  • Basic administration of remarks server users can now be handled with ssweb.
  • Fixed permission problem with registering new users key by SZARP Synchronization Server.
  • Experimental surrport for drawing using wxGraphicsContext in Draw3 program.
  • Fixed dependencies of Filler program.
  • SZARP Automatic Updater uses RSS feeds to obtain correct version number of SZARP.
  • Updated ‘eksploatacja’ documentation.