Network params and sets in draw3!

We are pleased to announce that latest version of SZARP for Ubuntu Natty and Debian unstable (this code is going to be make it into stable in a matter of a couple of days) contains support for network sets and parameters. This is a major feature that we have been working on for quite a while already.
The purpose of this feature is to let users share user defined sets and parameters. We hope that this will have a big impact on the way user defined sets and parameters are used. Most importantly it is now trivial to introduce/modify sets and parameters that are visible by all users of specific SZARP installation (and they are not even limited to just one installation – such sets and params may refer to more than one SZARP configuration). Furthermore, there won’t be any longer much need to manually export/import user defined sets and params between terminals that are supposed to share the same user setup. And, last by not least, all the network params and sets are automatically backed up on Newterm server – in case of failure of hard disk on terminal machine or event of this kind information about user sets has no chance of being lost anymore.
We hope that our users will enjoy using this feature as much as we enjoyed creating it.