SZARP for mobile devices

From now on SZARP supports mobile devices. The mobile version of SZARP Draw offers all the basic functionality: viewing graphs, split cursor mode, mean and summaric values, finding parameters and sets by name. We chose HTML5+JS as the core technology to ensure that the application would run on all mobile devices, on every OS (in particular, Android and Windows Phone are supported). The user interface has been redesigned to provide comfortable navigation even on small smartphone screens, using touch events. The mobile version of the SZARP system complements the base SZARP system, which remains the core system, offering the widest range of functionality.

The application was implemented using WebSockets, offering the new web applications paradigm – asynchronous browser-server communication, where the server may update the browser state at any time. Thanks to WebSockets, new parameter values are transmitted from the server and immediately displayed on all connected client apps. Besides SZARP Draw, another example of such application is the control panel application created by Newterm (screenshots below).