Version number change – SZARP 3.1

SZARP major version number has been increased from 3.0 to 3.1. The main reason for this change is repository transfer to Versions hosted at have versions number 3.1.X, where X is Subversion revision number. Most important changes from 3.0 line include:

  • New APT repository at, versions for Debian stable and unstable repositories are available.
  • Windows installer is available directly from SourceForge project page –
  • All non-GPL code has been removed from repository, so SZARP is no more double-licenced. Some proprietary code has been moved to plugin, available as binary Debian package szarp-proprietary-daemons from non-free section of APT repository.
  • Windows SZARP Automatic Updater is currently broken – it doesn’t use SourceForge to check for new version, we hope to fix it soon.
  • Added support for ODF export in Ekstraktor application.
  • Ubuntu compatibility – it should be possible to build Ubuntu packages from source, we plan to add APT repository for Ubuntu.
  • Many fixes in applications and documentation.