What’s new in SZARP 3.1.163?

Most important changes from version 3.1.97 include:

  • Bug fixes and improvements in kontroler3 program, added sound playing on alarm.
  • Multiple bug fixes in Modbus RTU driver (timing synchronization); added support for BCD encoded values.
  • Added support for different word order in float values in Modbus TCP driver.
  • Completed “antialiasing style” draws displaying; it is more suitable for high resolution displays; it also should have less memory usage, but can be slower on some computers. This mode is now default under both Linux and Windows.
  • New driver for Aquameter Calec MCP-300 heatmeter.
  • Added RPN ‘m’ function for fast filtering of values outside meaningful range.
  • Bug fixes in draw3: X/Y drawing, draws colors assigments, opening new window, drawing new points while filter > 0, info about currently selected graphs style, race condition in remarks server address resolution.
  • Added scripts for fetching weather forecast from meteoprog.ua website.
  • Sender fix: it now ignores empty elements in configuration.
  • Compilation/building: fixes for latest mingw32, “critical” lintian bugs fixed, removed boost-1.34 specific code, building for latest Debian unstable.
  • Refreshing of isledit (Inkscape plugin for creating SVG visualisation schemas), it now works under both
    Linux and Windows.
  • More examples of ISL documents added – complete heating plant with 4 boilers.
  • All applications have now icons under Windows.