SZARP 3.1.214

SZARP stable and unstable repositories have been upgraded to version 3.1.214 and 3.1.212. Most important changes include new way of handling user reports in Reporter3 application.

All changes and fixes from version 3.1.163 include:

  • New apt repository branch avaiable in repository – karmic, containing version of szarp compiled for karmic koala Ubuntu distribution.
  • draw3: it now possible to set margins, orientation and page size of printouts
  • Buggy wxSingleInstanceChecker (class resposible for detecting if other copy of application is running) replaced with our own implementation.
  • mbrtudmn: slave mode was fixed
  • ipkedit: update, min max ranges and color attributes can be changed, also documentation of ipkedit was updated
  • reporter3: program was expaned – user report templates are now saved automaticaly and are available directly from menu – this is more compliant with draw3 behaviour, lots of other small fixes and improvements, code review.
  • reporter3: numerous fixes.
  • reporter3: initial version of documentation is available.
  • Help fix: searching in documentation no longer causes applications to crash.