SZARP 3.1.254

Major SZARP changes in December include code refactoring of draw3 program and few new applications added. Details follows:

  • Major code refactoring of draw3 program, changes introduced quite a few bugs, most of them was hopefully resolved. Separate thread for saving cache to disk was removed. Correct icons where added to multiple dialog windows within application.
  • Parameter value on dark blue background in draw3 program was pourly visible on some displays, background color is a little lighter now.
  • Added new viszio application for displaying values of selected parameters directly on screen. Viszio is still ‘work in progress’.
  • Added szbndremover – tool for “removal” of no-data holes in database – missing values are replaced with averages computed from surrounding values.
  • Fix in HTML links generated by paramd program.
  • Added M function for fast filtering too big values in defined parameters.
  • New universal driver for Modbus protocol, able to handle RTU/ASCII encoding and both serial and TCP connections.