SZARP stable 3.1.406 – faster Lua parameters

New stable version of SZARP – 3.1.406 – was released. New in this version:

  • Important bug fixes, including fixing problems with running line daemons (device drivers) by parcook process.
  • Automatically generated documentation for all SZARP device drivers.
  • New setdmn driver for setting value of parameter from network, along with graphical client – setter. This funcionality could be obtained by “glueing” previously existing SZARP modules, but new implementation is simpler and more robust.
  • Import/export of defined draws set in draw3 program. User-defined sets of parameters can be exported to file and exchanged with other users/installations.
  • New edit as new function in draw3 program, allowing to easly create defined draws set based on existing one.
  • Optimizer for Lua parameters. Lua gives great flexibility in creating defined parameters, but Lua-based parameters can be slow to calulate – we mean slow by SZARP standards, so the user can sometimes even notice process of calculating/drawing parameters. The new code understands quite a large subset of Lua language, including calls for SZAR-specific functions. Most parameters can be parsed to “compiled” form and then calculated even faster then traditional SZARP RPN-based parameters. If parameter is to complicated to being understood by optimizer, it is passed to Lua interpreter to calculate. This new feature makes SZARP even faster in analyzing historical data.

This is the last stable version released from Subversion repository.

You can also try new unstable version 3.1.409, than contains new cool feature – 3D graphs for analyzing relations between 3 selected parameters. This is not complete yet and some bugs are expected…