News from SZARP

Some highlights of SZARP development that happened over last two months:

  • Added experimental faster XML parser for IPK library – speeds up starting of SZARP applications and reduces memory usage.
  • Added option in draw3 app to sort draws in current set by ther maximum/minimum/hoursum/average value (from current view or time range marked by double cursor).
  • Added automatic assignment of colors for arbitrary number of draws in draw3 application.
  • Behaviour improvements in dealing with large draw sets in draw3 program.
  • Fix of percentage display in tooltip in Summary Window of draw3 program.
  • Fix in draw3 automatic language settings – added proper item to language selection menu.
  • Speedup period switching in draw3 on sets with large number of graphs.
  • Added displaying name of current parameter in draw3 after pressing ‘?’.
  • Language change icon remove from Draw3 toolbar, added ‘automatic’ language setting – based on current system locale.
  • Added fill_how_many_sec options to szbwriter, allowing to fill gaps in 10-second probes; program also works a few times faster and with lower CPU load.
  • Using statistics, XY and XYZ windows in Draw3 is now easier – program picks draws and period to show from current state of main window.
  • Many small fixes in Draw3: axis printing, time axis drawing, crash in XYZ draws displaying, shift left/right keys behaviour.
  • Fixes and improvements in boruta daemon – parity setting and Modbus ASCII fix, added configurable character size mask for serial port, fixed timing issues in ZET sub-driver.
  • Updated libraries used for cross-compiling of Windows version; results in better behaviour under Windows 7.