SZARP in autumn

Hello dear SZARP users.
Autumn was a busy period for SZARP developers who have been involved in a couple of big projects within SZARP system. Those projects probably won’t see the light of the day until beginning of the next year. In the meantime, however, we were able to bring some small and not small changes and improvements to SZARP codebase, more to come – stay tuned:

  • Documentation of SZARP data aggregation daemon – meaner3 – is more complete now
  • Fix: button ‘SEASON’ was brought back to draw3 application
  • Support for ‘ISO-8859-2’ encoding in app was imporved
  • k601dmn now properly handles the case when serial port gets disconnected (which may happen when e.g. usb2rs converter is unplugged) – in this case daemon will periodically make attempts to reopen the port
  • Two minor issues with modbus support in boruta’s modbus plugin were fixed
  • Draw3 now optionally can be set up to monitor user activity – gathered data is completely anonymous and is collected to allow us understand better how users interact with the application, which in turn we hope, we will be able to use to make the app even more user friendly
  • draw3 activity logger was fixed to not block the GUI thread when server ip address cannot be resolved
  • Regression fix – draw3 was crashing when attempt was made to edit user sets and params when remarks server address was not configured
  • Mechanism to inform user that more recent version of the draw3 app is already installed was improved to accommodate for systems with lacking short form alias in locale settings
  • Support for python 2.x version was improved in szarp python scripts
  • Introduction of new utility – pyipk. the purpose of pyipk is to ease editing of szarp configurations
  • szarp-xsltd package was fixed to not overwrite configuration files on package update
  • Modbus ASCII protocol support fixes in boruta daemon
  • Draw3: handling of sets with more than 12 graphs improved
  • Filler app now orrectly behaves on Debian Squeeze
  • Implementation of szarp ipk parser was switched from DOM to xmlTextReader based, thus reducing memory consumption of configuration parsing process