SZARP, what’s up?

Summer in nearly over and our users, having came back from holidays, must be dying to know what was happening to their favourite SCADA suite while they were away. Probably the best way is to install latest SZARP version and see for yourself but in case you need a short summary – here it comes:

  • Added support for setting server address with SZRSYNC_SERVER variable in szrsync script.
  • Assertion fix in szbwriter.
  • Logging of incoming connections IP numbers in SSS server.
  • Documentation of installing DDE Proxy under Windows.
  • Fix in date chooser dialog for SZARP wxWidgets applications.
  • Added option of copying name of selected parameter in draw3 to clipboard.
  • Circles around points in X/Y graphs in draw3 are drawn also in points averaging mode.
  • Fixes in XSLT transformation for ISL when using python-lxml version newer then
  • Fixes in date handling of szbndremover – tool for filling gaps in SZARP data.
  • Fixes in draw3: fix in refreshing parameters’ list in edit user parameter dialog.
  • Fixed segfault when loading incorrect params.xml configuration file.
  • Fix in calculating values of “optimized” LUA parameters referencing LUA_AV-type parameters.
  • Added debian package szarp-dbg-symbols, this package contains all szarp binaries with debug symbols included, useful e.g. for analyzing cores from production machines.
  • Added configurable graph scaling for user defined draws in draw3 application.
  • New feature for x/y graphs in draw3 program – points on a graph are
    surrounded by circles with radius proportional to log2(number of data points covered by the point on a graph).
  • Fixes in draw3: fix in automatic setting of hoursum attribute, fix in behaviour on switching to set with some draws disabled, fix in dealing with large draw sets.