Spring cleaning and constant march forward

Hello SZARP users.
Spring has come, we’ll be eating Ester eggs in couple of days, so we though that it would be a good time to give you some update on what has been happening with SZARP over last couple of weeks:

  • new version of SZARP for windows was made available – this version comes with much improved (over a factor of 2.5) data synchronization speed – it is much quicker now and on par with its linux counterpart
  • one of our colleagues finished his work on new component in our system: pyipk, a plugin-based extensible application for manipulating SZARP configuration files – params.xml. This is first SZARP application that sports both console and graphical (Qt based) user interface.
  • with the coming of the spring SZARP dev team have made some refactoring of parts of our code base that got a little bit clunky over time, with cleaner code we will be able to provide new features and improvements more quickly
  • a new major feature was added to SZARP – support for network params and sets (but we covered that already on http://szarp.org)

But thats by no means all what has happened with SZARP – since our last general update 2 months ago, there were over 700 commits to SZARP repository, with lots of small improvements and bug-fixes that are just impossible to list here.

See you next time and we wish you a Happy Easter!