3.25. Draw 3 Comparison with the previous version of

Reading program in the third version retains most of the features of previous versions also adding new functionality. The terminology has changed - instead of the term " Window " and " Definable window " are terms used " Set of graphs " and "Set of the user".

Changes in functionality as compared with the previous version are provided in the following table:

Tabela 3-2. Functional changes occurring in the third version of the viewer

what the changeDraw 2Draw 3link to the documentation
Filteruse restricted to the average daily, excludes the use of split cursor keys and the letters from a to f it was possible to switch the filter levelworks for all types of medium, can be used together with split cursorSekcja 3.11
Wersion for Windowsnocreated with version for Linux (Technology WxWidgets) 
The windows and tabs for easier viewing sets of chartsnonew functionSekcja 2.11
Facilitating the search sets of charts nonew functionSekcja 2.5
Search parametersnonew functionSekcja 2.6
Define your own set of chartsnonew functionSekcja 3.14
Multilingualismnonew feature - the ability to watch the program interface and parameter names in different languagesSekcja 3.13
Define your own parametersnonew functionSekcja 3.16
Calculation of correlation parametersnonew functionSekcja 3.9
Stored information (percentage) of samples in the graph parameternonew functionSekcja 2.4
Dynamic (multi-threaded) loading parametersnonew function 
Support native printing mechanismnonew functionSekcja 2.10